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Engineering Services

To increase efficiency and press operational costs of our customers, we designed drilling fluid systems that accommodate drilling environments with its applications. Trained and qualified for onsite supervision of the drilling fluid throughout the duration of the project. It is important to us to ensure that to ensure our drilling fluid systems are performing at optimum levels. 


Drilling Fluids Materials

1 Bentonite Viscosifier
2 Caustic Soda (NaOH) Alkalinity Control
3 Soda Ash (NaCO3) Calcium Removal
4 Soltex Shale Control
5 Black Magic SFT Free Pipe Agent
6 Torqtrim Lubricant
7 Pottasium Chloride (KCL) (96-98%) Shale Inhibitor
8 Pottasium Hydroxide (KOH) Alkalinity Control
9 XCD (Premium Grade) Polymer Primary Viscosifier
10 Oxygen Scavenger, Liquid Oxygen Control
11 PAC -R / Polyanionic Cellulose - Regular (Premium Grade) Fluid Loss Control
12 PAC - L / Polyanionic Cellulose - Low (Premium Grade) Fluid Loss Control
13 Resinex HT Stabilizer for Filtration Control
14 HT Stab for Rheology/ Aktaflow HT Stab for Rheology
15 Polymer Thinner/ Sodium Polyacrylite Polymer Thinner
16 Kwik Seal (F,M & C) Lost Circulation Material
17 Diasel M Lost Circulation Material
18 Drilling Detergent Drilling Detergent